ice cream container

insulated tub for homemade ice-cream, gelato or sorbet. Fits in your freezer door and is completely dishwasher safe.


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Ice Cream Container
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“I bought it to put my ice cream in when i make homemade ice cream. it fits nice in the door of my freezer. I should have bought two though. I didn't realize i'd get so much ice cream out of such a little cream and milk. The only thing is that it is so well insulated that i have to keep the lid off for about an hour until it freezes well enough to cover or it does not get firm. I had to cover it with wrap until it freezes then put on the lid.“

19 February 2024


Perfect for homemade ice cream!

19 February 2024


Excellent product very good quality. Fast shipping

10 February 2024

Really pleased with these clever containers (updated)

I love these!! Update is not due to any criticism, but because I discovered a couple of things that might benefit others regarding the lid staying in place. Mine are fine,

At first I was not sure that these would work because I read a couple of comments saying that the lid did not seem to stay on evenly. But I ordered them anyway because they were so attractive.

Hope these simple tips about the secureness of the lid help:

One: Make sure you do not overload the container and that the edges are clean before you put the lid on.

Two: The lid only goes on ONE way. I'm not speaking of upside down or right side up (smile) as that would be fairly obvious. It would seem you could put it on either side, (with the latch tab going either direction,) as the shape is perfectly oval… but that's simply not so. Make sure the lid latch tab is facing the side of the colored inner bin that has a small indent.

I got the blue ones. I love the design of these and the insulating surrounding outer bin. It is much easier to remove the ice cream from the container for serving, due to the slim design and the stackable compact size that fits nicely in my ultra-small freezer.

I did not bother to put anything like plastic or parchment paper (as some people recommended) and it did not matter. No ice crystals, even though we had it in the fridge for over a week.

I would order more of these if I did not live in a small household, or as a classy gift with the matching scoop.

I' would even be nice to put store-bought ice cream in this, and toss the original box that sometimes turns into a soaked cardboard mess. I ordered the matching ice cream scoop and it looks so nice! Please note, I do not represent this company, (smiles); just a very pleased customer.

09 January 2024

Awesome ice cream tubs!

I make a lot of homemade ice cream and while I have several ice cream containers that I like, I've always wanted one of these longer tubs. Most of my recipes make 1.5 quarts and my other containers are all quart-sized so it's always been a pain. Now I can fit an entire batch into one tub.

I love that the containers have double wall insulation, which helps protect against freezer burn. This is especially important for me since some of my ice creams don't contain eggs and can get icier than others and more apt to get freezer burn.

I'm really happy these come in a set of two so I don't have to worry about emptying one when I'm ready to make another batch of ice cream! And I'm also a huge fan of the fact that the tubs can go in the dishwasher!

These tubs will be getting a lot of use in my house.

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