ice cream container

insulated tub for homemade ice-cream, gelato or sorbet. Fits in your freezer door and is completely dishwasher safe.


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Ice Cream Container

fits in any freezer storage.

The SUMO Ice Cream Container can be squeezed in a jam-packed freezer or freezer door perfectly due to its slender design. It can be neatly stacked on top of each other because of its size and shape. Very easy to store.

facilitates long ice cream scoop for that desired amount.

This ice cream tub helps you get that deep scoop of your favorite ice cream flavors on the first try rather than waiting for it to melt first. The long and slim design makes it an easy scoop.

tough and insulated design.

Our product is designed with an insulated container that is able to keep the ice cream as cold and stable as possible. The SUMO Ice Cream Container lid locks in tight to prevent freezer burn or being bent out of shape.

dishwasher safe storage.

The SUMO Ice Cream Container can withstand repeated exposure to high pressure water when being washed. The plastic tub doesn't get damaged from repeated cleaning under high temperature. Its premium quality is retained.

100% lifetime guarantee.

We are so confident with our product that we will give you a no-questions asked lifetime guarantee. So hit that "Add to Cart" button now get this indestructible container that will keep your ice cream cold and stable.

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“I bought it to put my ice cream in when i make homemade ice cream. it fits nice in the door of my freezer. I should have bought two though. I didn't realize i'd get so much ice cream out of such a little cream and milk. The only thing is that it is so well insulated that i have to keep the lid off for about an hour until it freezes well enough to cover or it does not get firm. I had to cover it with wrap until it freezes then put on the lid.“

19 May 2022

very nice ,we like them

Hi :
I like these Ice cream containers ,the shape ,quality and colors are perfect for home made Ice cream, sorbet ,etc... .Do you have them in small size too ?! it would be so nice for Catering and Party .( Individual Ice cream container ) I thought the shape and colors of containers in small size would be adorable.
But that's just an idea. they are nice and fun ice cream containers and I'm glad I have chosen the right one.

19 May 2022

Great for storing my homemade ice cream!

These are perfect! They store my homemade ice cream really well and are very good about keeping the ice cream from getting those ice crystals. I love the shape because you can really get a nice, good scoop, and they fit in the freezer door. If you get their ice cream scoop as well and use the coupon code, you can save a few bucks.

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14 May 2022

Didn’t fit well. Parts don’t seal for airtight.

Update on last review: customer service is awesome! Stellar! Sent new ones and refunded original! They contacted me and made everything right

13 May 2022


Bought these for holding ice cubes! Very sturdy!
And the best part was is,it takes up very little space in my freezer! Love them and highly recommended them for use of ice cubes!

9.1 x 2.8 x 1.8in 23.1 x 7.1 x 4.5cm
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