ice cream scoop

savor your ice cream, sorbet, or Italian ice straight from the freezer! Featuring a unique cylindrical tip, our scoop glides through hard frozen dessert like butter.


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Ice Cream Scoop

the indestructible scooper.

Kiss those snapped scoops and bent spoons goodbye forever! The ultra-strong SUMO stainless steel scoop is the last ice cream scooper you’ll ever buy. Enjoy your pure metal scoop forever without scratches, chips, bends, or breaks.

dessert time, any time.

No more setting your ice cream out to soften! Instead, savor your favorite flavors any time your cravings strike with your SUMO scoop! What makes it the best ice cream scoop ever? The chiseled tip slices straight through even the hardest ice cream with ease!

no slip, no strain, no pain.

Tired of ice cream spoon handles that bend under pressure and leave you with aching wrists? Then, make the switch to SUMO! Dip into your frozen dairy treats effortlessly and without pain thanks to our ergonomic design and comfy, squishy-yet-grippy rubber handle!

tasty & trustworthy.

SUMO never sacrifices the quality of our ice cream accessories! Your completely dishwasher-friendly metal ice cream scoop is 100% BPA free, made from pure stainless steel, and features a handle coated in premium food-grade rubber. Now, that’s delicious!

satisfaction with every scoop.

We’ve stood the (taste) test of time: Not one SUMO ice cream spade has ever broken! It’s safe to say we know you’ll be satisfied! Even still, we cover your purchase with our Lifetime Warranty. Don’t love yours? Let us know, and we’ll replace it for free.

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“Quite simply the best ice cream scoop I've ever used. Built like a tank, solid and sturdy for even the most stubborn ice cream jobs. This is the first ice cream scoop that I've been able to use without having to thaw out the ice cream first.“

25 May 2022

works great

This scoop works very well.

25 May 2022

Nick in the metal

The scoop took a while to arrive, which while annoying, wasn’t a huge deal. I purchased the scoop specifically to avoid the flaking coating. I have purchased several ice cream scoops marketed specifically to not flake, yet they always do. I’m hoping the heavier weight of this one is an indication that it may be different. As a packaging engineer, their choices in packaging materials have me really scratching my head, but whatever. It looks like they were trying for a premium unboxing, but could of used some help, ha. Moving on, I don’t love the feel of the handle. The parting line is very obvious and able to be felt. It might seem nit picky, but if you charge a premium price, you need to deliver premium quality. I dug a veggie peeler out of my drawer with a very similar injection molded elastomer handle and it is practically seamless…at a much lower price point. The shape of the handle is nice. The thumb rest fits my grip perfectly. I have used this scoop at least three times and it has been through the dishwasher once (hand washed a few times)…too soon to see flaking. The ice cream was not rock hard, but I’m sure this scoop could handle hard ice cream with ease. The shape of the scoop is not symmetrical, like it might be keyed for right handers or left. I can’t think of another reason for the lopsided shape other than poor quality control. I’m sure this has very little impact on performance and is not at all a complaint…merely an amusing and curious observation. My only real issue with the scoop is that it arrived damaged. There is a tactile nick on the edge of the scoop, like the scoop was dropped or damaged in the manufacturing process. I don’t know enough about metals to determine if this will become a site for future corrosion or not, but it certainly is a concern, especially when dealing with food.

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23 May 2022

Great Product

Easy to use, easy to clean. I like that you can put it in the dishwasher. We purchased several.

23 May 2022

No chrome

I am so glad to find an ice cream scoop without the chrome coating that flakes off. This has some weight to it and feels like it will hold up well. Comfortable grip and stainless steel scoop. Nice variety of colors too

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