ice cream container

insulated tub for homemade ice-cream, gelato or sorbet. Fits in your freezer door and is completely dishwasher safe.


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Ice Cream Container
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“I bought it to put my ice cream in when i make homemade ice cream. it fits nice in the door of my freezer. I should have bought two though. I didn't realize i'd get so much ice cream out of such a little cream and milk. The only thing is that it is so well insulated that i have to keep the lid off for about an hour until it freezes well enough to cover or it does not get firm. I had to cover it with wrap until it freezes then put on the lid.“

07 February 2018

Five Stars

Very nice quality.

06 February 2018

Perfect Ice Cream Container

I love the shape of this container. It fits well on my freezer, unlike round containers. The construction is light and sturdy. Perfect for the home made ice cream I make. Keeps it well for weeks. The shape is perfect for drawing long scoops ! Def recommend!

06 February 2018

I recommend these containers for people who make homemade ice cream

I’ve just started making keto ice cream at home and love these sumo containers. It keeps the ice cream the right texture. When it is too hard to scoop out, I just leave the sealed container on the countertop for 20 to 30 minutes and then it’s just right to scoop and eat.

04 February 2018

Great ice cream containers!

Love the slim look, design and function of these ice cream containers. Works great and makes it easier to ice. Ream. Out

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