dough blender

sturdy heavy duty pastry cutter, with sharp blade and a comfortable finger-contoured grip. Completely dishwasher safe, too.


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Dough Blender

easy to clean.

Just toss it into the dishwasher. Ever-lasting solid stainless steel that'll never rust. Vastly quicker and easier to clean than a food processor! Safe to store too.

sturdy + strong.

Solid thick blades with sharp edges. Ideally distributed weight, giving you the power and control to cut and mix butter with total ease. Well made and heavy duty, backed by our famed guarantee.

comfortable grip.

Fits your hand perfectly, with a soft, wide, and ergonomic finger-contoured grip, that's non-slip and secure.


Easily blend fats into dry ingredients, to make the ideal light and textured pastry. For the perfect flaky pie crust, pastry dough, and delicious crumb toppings. Easier, quicker, cleaner, and superior results than using fingers, forks, or knives!

multi purpose.

Make biscuits, cookies, cake, cobbler, crumble, shortbread, and much more. Use it to mash fruit & vegetables, mincemeat, crack nuts, or make guacamole. Truly a versatile piece of kitchenware.

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“I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. The item was well packaged and came in such a cute purple box! This was the perfect gift for a friend of mine who loves to bake. The handle is absolutely nice and smooth. The ridges for the fingers made it a comfortable grip. Very happy with my purchase.“

23 March 2019

Great grip and weight. Perfect.

I like the weight and size of the grip. I have the beginning of arthritis and gripping this is easy plus the heaviness makes my job easier. I pastry blend and chop nuts with mine.

20 March 2019

Comfy Dough Blender

This dough blender is easy to use and easy to clean. Pleasantly surprised on the quality for such a good price. The blender feels nice and comfortable and comes in different colors!

19 March 2019

Easy to use

Easy to use! I used it to cut flour into sugar for some cookies and it made the process a whole lot faster. The handle is easy to hold and the color is cute to boot!

17 March 2019

Nice firm grip and easy to use

Nice and firm handle. Won’t slip out of your hands while you are mixing your dough. I like this alternative to an electric hand mixer because it won’t wake anyone up when you are trying to bake in the morning and gives you a bit of light arm workout (depending on what you’re making). Anyone can use this. Very simple! Washes easily.

9.1 x 2.8 x 1.8in 23.1 x 7.1 x 4.5cm
0.7lbs 0.32kg